Nutstore regards data security and reliability as the most important product considerations, and has carefully improved each link in the product. Compared with self-built office systems, Nutstore is characterized by its superior speed, convenience, low cost, security and reliability.
Guarantee data integrity
After being transmitted to the Nutstore server, each file will be stored in multiple mutually isolated fault units through mathematical coding. If any unit is damaged, Nutstore will automatically recover the data. With each read, it will authenticate data integrity. Its reliability is higher than common RAID and redundant backup.
Storage encryption
Nutstore scatters a file into many file blocks, automatically generates keys according to data characteristics and user ID, and encrypts stored files on the basis of the AES algorithm. The encryption key is computed according to an unrecoverable one-way hashing algorithm, ensuring that others cannot access the user data. The AES algorithm is generally accepted as the most secure encryption algorithm.
Transport securely
Prior to leaving your computer, the file will be scattered into many file blocks and transmitted to different servers in the cloud terminal on the basis of HTTPS encryption. The HTTPS encryption technique is widely applied in the encrypted transmission of e-banking and payment systems.
Member management
Nutstore can conduct divisional group management, control team members’ access authorization to different folders, and transfer folders to team members with one click.
Usage management
You can monitor the storage usage, sync folders list and sharing permissions of team members.
File monitoring
Administrator can monitor the exceptional conditions of files, and deal with them in case classified documents leak out.
2-factor authentication on mobile
Binding mobile phones to ensure account security: If the Two-Factor authentication is enabled, dynamic code generated by mobile phone is required to sign in besides the normal password. Others cannot access your account even he/she stole your password.
Mobile device passcode
All mobile client support passcode to protect your data from other ones who stole or borrow your phone.
Access control
You can grant people with different access privileges, including Read-Only, Write-Only and Read-Write. Others cannot access the data without granted privilege.
Restore deleted files
All files are stored for at least three months, even the deleted files. You can easily restore the files which is deleted without caution.
Keep old versions
All file versions are uploaded and stored for at least three months. You can easily restore the file to any old versions.
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